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Wilkens Agency Launches Their New Website!

Wilkens Agency recently launched their new custom website built by SharpHat Inc. Wilkens Agency is committed to providing their clients with the best customer care and services as possible. Part of that commitment is making sure we create easy ways to contact us, learn more about the agency, and a full understanding of all the services we offer.

With bringing the website up to date, we incorporated new ways to contact us easier. You can now chat with a live insurance agent of customer support representative right on our website, instantly with no delay. We also have a page exclusive to all of our insurance agents and team members so that you can easily figure out who you spoke with on the first call and who you have been working with over the years.

For current and potential customers, it is now easier than ever to get a quote for a new policy. There are multiple areas of the site dedicated to you providing us with the information we need in order to get you a quote quicker.

Many of our clients didn’t realize that we do just as much insurance for business and commercial lines as we do for personal auto insurance and homeowners policies. Our new site makes our full range of services clear to anyone who visits so we can better serve them and keep all their lines of insurance with one company and one contact.

As always, Wilkens Insurance Agency provides their customers with a range of insurance companies to work with, giving them the best options as well as the lowest prices for those equal options.